Efficient sweeping takes more than turning on the machine and heading out to the jobsite. Owen Equipment’s Service Support Manager Greg Read has provided tips that will help you sweep your best through the year.

Gutter broom adjustment: The burn pattern should not be 360 degrees; your brooms should be positioned to feed into the main broom. The left gutter broom should be in the 9 o’clock/1 o’clock position, and right should be in 3/11 position. Brooms should be 5 degrees forward and 5 degrees out.

Gutter brooms are available in different wire quantities. 17 wire per hole brooms are most common, but we also carry 21 and 24 wire brooms. The higher the density, the more particles the sweeper can pick up.

Get your vehicle’s RPM up before heading out to the jobsite to make sure that the machine is running properly. Perform your pre-trip inspection and burn a broom pattern. After you’ve done this, you know the machine is operating properly and the chassis and hydraulics are up to operating temperature.

Broom speed must match road speed to be able to pick up leaves. Otherwise, leaves are picked up, get stuck in the bristles, then thrown out the back of the broom. You would think to slow down and increase RPM, but instead reduce aux engine speed (RPM) and increase road speed.

Never let your brooms wear to less than 6”. Excessively worn brooms will not have the flicking action required to move material in front of the main broom or pick up head.

Warning: Any street sweeper no matter the make or model with a tier 4 final engine can produce high temperatures near the exhaust and aftertreatment. Be sure to clean your machine every time you dump.


Owen Equipment is here with replacement brooms, sweeper rentals, parts and service to help you with your cleanup efforts. We carry brooms and parts for all sweeper makes and models. Find out more information and view videos at owenequipment.com/brooms.