Vactor has engineered an array of innovations that allow operators to maximize their productivity, but they really revolutionized the industry with the introduction of the Vactor IntuiTouch control system as part of the Vactor 2100i series in 2018. This control system brings a new level of simplicity with advanced, intuitive controls designed to maximize operator performance. Vactor IntuiTouch not only streamlines the operation, but offers versatility, boosted efficiencies and at-a-glance data all into one simple control system.

The technology gives operators full control of operations with quick start-up and engagement and helps them monitor information that is essential to carrying out tasks, efficiently and effectively. Vactor IntuiTouch allows operators to achieve optimal performance with the following key factors.


In-Cab Controls

Vactor IntuiTouch’s in-cab controls use one-touch engagement to activate power transfer, allowing operators to gain control of all operational systems at a touch of a button. Inside the cab, operators can find warning light controls and multiple engagement procedures, including jet mode, combo mode and recirculating mode truly making it a one-button engagement.

Operators can simply set their foot on the brake, select the desired mode and hop out of the vehicle to carry out the job.


Control Station

The operator control station puts all cleaning functions in a single, simple control panel. The intuitive controls’ placement reduces the number of steps within the operational process and eliminates the need to back up or move across controls to complete the work at hand.

Other features that boost efficiencies include reliable touch buttons that enable the operator to know if a selected function is active and the proportional hose reel joystick that pays in and out on the direction of the hose reel. Plus, the boom joystick has a built-in telescoping feature, giving the operator full mobility with multiple direction boom movement for quicker set up.


Operator Comfort

In addition, ergonomics enhances operator satisfaction and well-being and is a large contributor to optimal uptime because it makes it easier for the operator to continue his or her shift. Features found on the Vactor IntuiTouch control system require less effort from operators, allowing them to finish the day without an overwhelming sense of stress or fatigue.

The exterior adjustable control box height and articulation adapts for every operator’s desired placement and eliminates the need to reach, bend, stoop or twist to see or access the controls when operating the unit. This feature can also help prevent musculoskeletal disorders, which are the number one cause of lost or restricted work time according to OSHA,

Additionally, having the controls up front on the vehicle protects the operators from any oncoming traffic, so they’re able to solely focus on the job and maintain optimal performance.


Diagnostics and Key Data

The Vactor IntuiTouch technology includes advanced diagnostics that eliminate the need for additional tools and software. A 7-inch display with tactile buttons provides quick accessibility to key information, such as blower temperature and debris tank levels, giving operators greater control job after job.

Operators have full control of the water system via a single Multi-Flow control dial that enables them to precisely match the flow and pressure to the job’s requirement. Plus, with the Multi-Flow feature, operators can achieve superior water performance while running at lower chassis RPMs, resulting in reduced energy consumption and lower fuel bills. Additionally, while supporting the vacuum system, operators can conserve water when running at higher chassis RPMs.

Operators can view chassis information right from the operator station and will be notified instantly if any issue is present, thus preventing major damage from occurring. Additionally, this at-a-glance information limits the amount of downtime it would take to evaluate the status of the equipment manually.

Together, these features will improve the operator’s experience, thereby yielding higher productivity and performance. And, customers can experience a greater payback by incorporating Vactor IntuiTouch technology into their operations.


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This article was originally published on Vactor’s blog.