According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), over half (53%) of workers on high-noise worksites DO NOT use hearing protection.

What is a Noise Hazard?

According to the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), a noise hazard is any sound that’s frequency (e.g., high pitch), intensity (loudness), or duration (length of time) can cause permanent hearing loss. The louder the work environment, the more hazardous it is for your hearing.

What are the Different Types of Noise Hazards?

There are four main types of noise hazards:

Occupational Noises

Occupational noises are produced by machinery, equipment, tools, and other industrial operations.

Recreational Noises

Recreational noises are created by activities like music concerts, sporting events, video arcades, etc.

Environmental Noises

Environmental noises are created by people or natural sounds in the environment like trains, construction sounds, and other common neighborhood noises.

Impulse Noises

Impulse noises are sounds created in a sudden increase in decibel levels. Hammer bows, explosions, or gunfire are all considered Impulse noises.

Knowing the Safety Risks

Any sound over 120 dB can pose a serious threat to your hearing and cause immediate damage. When it comes to prolonged exposure, dangerous dB levels drop to any noise above 70 dB. Take note if you’re constantly exposed to high noise levels, as this can cause the gradual deterioration of your hearing without any noticeable symptoms.

Your Sonetics Dealer

Sonetics wireless communication headsets aren’t your average headsets, Sonetics is on your head and out of your hands – giving you protection from outside sounds while securing inside ones.

Next Generation of DECT

Sonetics offers hands-free wireless communication using the DECT7 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Communications) wireless standard. DECT and DECT6 systems typically have an audio bandwidth of 300Hz to 3.4kHz – resembling the quality of an old telephone. DECT7 opens the bandwidth from 50Hz to 7kHz – adding both higher and lower frequencies to provide clearer communication in high-noise environments.

Sonetics’ APEX Team Wireless Headsets

In high-noise environments, you’re protected by 24 dB of hearing protection, noise-reducing features, and an auto-level microphone that lets your voice stand out against varying levels of background noise.

Sonetics APEX Team Wireless Headsets connect you with your team by providing premium hearing protection:

  • Team Communication: puts an end to misunderstood messages.
  • Advanced Hearing Protection: limits dangerous noise levels through noise cancellation technology.
  • Situational Awareness: lets you control the sounds you hear and the sounds you don’t.

Owen Equipment

With Sonetics’ premium APEX Team Wireless Headsets, you just talk. No delays. No waiting your turn. No buttons to push. We are proud to be able to offer Sonetics wireless headsets that protect your team from dangerous noise hazards while boosting team communication. To learn more about Sonetics Wireless Headset technology, give us a call and speak with an Owen team member today!