Owen Equipment is excited to announce RC Mower’s latest innovation: the all-new R-Series. These remote-controlled robotic mowers are purpose-built to improve safety, boost efficiency, and tap into out-of-reach revenue opportunities.

“Landscaping contractors, public works departments, park systems, and road departments can mow hazardous terrain safely as they improve working conditions and efficiency and capture previously out-of-reach revenue.” – Michael Brandy, chief executive officer for RC Mowers.

R-Series Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers

The R-Series mowers; R-44, R-52, and R-60, are engineered for extreme landscapes and challenging terrains. They perform with impressive efficiency and allow operators to climb slopes up to 50 degrees, and clear brush up to 1.5 inches in diameter.

The R-Series features three new models

MODEL: R-44 – The Most Compact Unit

  • Height: 34″
  • Width: 63″
  • Length: 82″
  • Weight: 1,220 lbs.
  • Cutting Width: 42″
  • Horsepower: 21.5

MODEL: R-52 – The Top Seller

  • Height: 49.5″
  • Width: 74″
  • Length: 90″
  • Weight: 1,850 lbs.
  • Cutting Width: 52″
  • Horsepower: 27

MODEL: R-60 – The Most Powerful

  • Height: 49.5″
  • Width: 82″
  • Length: 90″
  • Weight: 1,900 lbs.
  • Cutting Width: 60″
  • Horsepower (EFI Engine): 38.5

The R-52 and R-60 are warranted for two years or 400 hours of run time. The R-44 is warranted for one year or 200 hours of run time.

Remote-Operated for Safety & Efficiency

RC Mower’s remote-control system features a safety-forward design with user-friendly controls. All remotes are water-resistant and included with RC Mower purchases.

Some of the unique features include:

  • 1-hour charge and up to 20 hours of run time.
  • 1,000-foot signal range.
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
  • LCD screen with real-time diagnostics.

Each remote comes equipped with an emergency shutdown button, a horn alert system, PTO safety interlock programming, and more!

R-Series Highlights

RC Mowers took control of every aspect of R-Series production to ensure a hassle-free mowing experience. Here’s just a taste of some exclusive R-Series upgrades you won’t find anywhere else.

  • Improved first-pass yield over 100%
  • A narrower design to ensure all modes fit on standard landscaping trailers.
  • Upgraded camera systems with improved clarity, visibility, and safety.
  • A soft start clutch system to reduce the impact load on engines, belts, and spindles during start-up.
  • Cast iron spindle with 30% stronger bearings.

Best Machines on Earth

RC Mowers is a leading manufacturer of autonomous and remote-controlled robotic mowers, earning its esteemed #10 spot on Fast Company’s prestigious list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. RC Mowers are designed by experts in aviation safety and robotics specialization, all committed to providing operators with a smart, safe, and profitable way to maintain steep slopes and rugged terrains.

If you’re still unsure about how the new R-Series fits into your plan, give us a call and an Owen Equipment expert will happily set you on the right path.