Helix Environmental Solutions provides healthy sewer functions that promote healthy communities and environments. Their eco-friendly products are manufactured to prevent sanitary sewer overflows while protecting municipal infrastructure. DeFOG, Helix’s grease cleaning solution, offers a non-hazardous chemical solution for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, improving worker safety, and more.

Helix’s 3 Pillars of Health

Helix combats two common challenges municipalities face; grease and odor control. Both issues negatively impact community health, environmental health, and infrastructure health.

Community Health

Wastewater is full of harmful pathogens and deadly gases, potentially harming communities with waste-related illnesses caused by sanitary sewer overflows and hydrogen sulfide gas.

Environmental Health

Poorly maintained waste streams can overflow into local waterways, causing harm to aquatic ecosystems. Many states have elected waterboards that regulate and fine violators that allow waste streams to reach waterways. Helix products can help to avoid these fines.

Infrastructure Health

Helix products protect both equipment and infrastructure from corrosion building up. According to the American Society of Civil Engineers, “concrete corrodes at a rate of 1 inch per 5 years at H2S concentrations of 20ppm.” If not treated properly, municipal infrastructure will corrode years sooner than expected, costing agencies tens of thousands of dollars.


F.O.G. (fats, oils, and grease) causes 47% of all SSOs (Sanitary Sewer Overflows) and causes 62% of residential backups. Helix’s DeFog line of products uses a process called bioaugmentation to create a slime layer capable of effectively handling F.O.G. in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. According to the National Library of Medicine, bioaugmentation adds specific and efficient pollutant-biodegrading microorganisms into a microbial community to biodegrade containments. Bioaugmentation makes it easier for contractors and municipalities to budget and plan sewer maintenance and extend the service life of costly equipment.

F.O.G. accumulates because of bacteria in sewage doing a poor job of breaking it down. Powerful microbes in the deFOG line of products excel at providing a variety of worksite solutions to improve operators’ sewer cleaning operations. This includes:

  • Restores flow to prevent SSOs.
  • Improves safety by avoiding hazardous materials.
  • Saves water by reducing the need for jetting.
  • Reduces workload.
  • Stabilizes operations by making maintenance more predictable and reducing strain on expensive pumping equipment.

With F.O.G. under control, municipalities experience a significant drop in SSOs and residential backups.

deFOG – Minimizer System

Helix’s deFOG’s Minimizer System hangs under the man-hole lids, providing a targeted solution for gravity lines with heavy F.O.G. buildup. Effectively breaking down and consuming grease for municipalities and contractors looking to reduce cleaning frequency when working with greasy mains. This solution has many benefits for operators who want to upgrade their sewer cleaning operation. Such as:

  • Controls F.O.G., odors, and maintenance costs.
  • Biodegradable, non-hazardous.
  • Only CO2 and H2O as byproducts.
  • Drip-dispensed automatically every hour of the day.
  • Proactive vs. Reactive approach.
  • Insurance policy against SSOs.

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