“Working with Owen Equipment provides you with a partner to lock arms with to tackle your biggest challenges.” – Si Norris 

At Owen Equipment, we offer on-site personalized equipment demonstrations that show our products performing in real-word situations. These demos cater to contractors, municipalities, business owners, equipment operators, and more. When you attend an Owen Equipment demo, you not only learn about our equipment but also discover firsthand the expertise and service that Owen Equipment delivers.

First Things First

When the time comes for an Owen Equipment demo, we come prepared with the necessary equipment and related attachments required. Next, we cover these four talking points to provide our audience with some background information:

  1. Who is Owen Equipment?
  2. Who is the manufacturer (Vactor, Elgin, TRUVAC, etc.,)?
  3. What you can expect from our Parts Department. 
  4. How our facilities can serve your parts and service needs. 

We then ask follow-up questions like, what is your specific application? What are some of your common worksite/equipment challenges? Why are you considering switching manufacturers?

Feature + Function + Benefit

Once we know who you are, along with your specific worksite/equipment challenges, we take the time to conduct an equipment walkaround where we point to specific features (on the equipment being demoed) that are purpose-built to solve the problems you’re facing. Our goal here is to make your time cleaning, sweeping, excavating, or mowing easier.

Talk is Cheap

Breaking down the basics of safe and efficient Vactor, Elgin, TRUVAC, or RC Mower operation is not enough. That’s why we pride ourselves on not only walking you through the various features and functions of our equipment but also putting that same equipment to the test by showing you how it performs in real-world situations.

Once we’re done demonstrating the equipment’s functions, we put you behind the wheel, where you’ll get the chance to feel the controls, test its primary functions, and ask questions in real-time. Through this approach, you gain a real understanding of day-to-day operations and will be able to compare it to other models serving a similar purpose.

Understanding the Value Gap

After you’ve compared your current equipment to ours, you’ll begin to understand the added value our equipment brings, providing a clear view of the difference in value between our equipment and others within the industry. This value gap highlights the difference between the perceived and actual value of a product in the marketplace.

We want our customers to work with the best equipment available which is why we always point out the increased value our equipment delivers. More often than not, after the demo and information they’ve gained, customers choose Owen equipment.

Demo Styles + Approach

At Owen Equipment, we proudly serve multiple Industries with a vast inventory of equipment, parts, products, and more. While it may not be necessary for you and your team to attend all our demos, if you’re serious about upgrading your operation you’ll want to request at least one or two.

Whether you choose an RC Mower demo or opt for a Vactor, each will come with its own structural and stylistic variations that will depend on the presenter, your application, and the specific job site problems you want to solve.

Various Demo Styles

RC Mower (Remote-Operated Mowers): with RC Mower demos, we like to hand over the controls to you so you can see it work in action. For example, a cool RC MOWER feature we like to showcase is their capability for easily mowing up 50-degree slopes – putting an end to strenuously pushing a manual mower up a steep incline.

Nozzle / Demo Trailer: due to the size of our demo trailer, we typically keep these demos stationary, often sticking to one location. This allows us to set up our nozzle station and show you our nozzles’ impressive spraying power. These demos are more educational and focus on hooking up our nozzles to your truck, looking at your pressure loss, and showcasing how our nozzles help on your toughest jobs.

Elgin (Street Sweepers): like our RC Mower demos, an Elgin street sweeper demo will focus on getting you behind the wheels of one of our sweepers. We’ll make sure you not only sweep the surrounding parking lot but also take it out to sweep the streets as well.

Vactor (Combination Sewer Cleaners + Hydro Vacuum Excavators): for our Vactor demos, we establish the five impressive ways they out-clean the competition: squirt, vacuum, contain material, haul, and dump. Like all our demos, we’ll explain these functions and then demonstrate them.

Schedule Your Demo Today

No matter your product of interest or application, you can expect an outstanding demonstration of some of the finest equipment and products in the industry. In addition to our demos, we offer parts, sales, service, and operator training to further improve the infrastructure of the communities we serve and equip operators with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete jobs safely and efficiently.

So, what does a good partnership look like for you?

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