At Owen Equipment, we offer a wide range of high-powered KEG Nozzles to tackle the most difficult of pipe-cleaning jobs. In the sewer cleaning industry, our nozzles are known for maximizing worksite uptime when penetrating clogs, maintaining lines, removing grease, and more. This reputation was built on the foundation laid by all our Tier 1, 2, and 3 nozzles – with each nozzle excelling in its specific application.

Choose Owen Equipment nozzles and explore our vast catalog of products designed to clean dirty lines quickly.

The Right Nozzle for the Job

Choosing the right nozzle for the job is vital to ensuring you clean pipes safely and effectively. If you’re facing a complete blockage, partial flow conditions, or other free flow conditions, it’ll be crucial you select a nozzle that’s efficient enough to get the job done.

That’s why we provide Tier 3 nozzles that not only meet but exceed The National Association of Sewer Service Companies (NASSCO) efficiency ratings of 95%. This ensures you get a profitable, long-lasting, and cost-effective sewer cleaning experience.

Our nozzles tackle a variety of applications, including:

  • Breaking blockages.
  • Cleaning debris.
  • Radius cleaning.
  • Grease cleaning.
  • And more.

Tier 1, 2, & 3 Nozzles

Whether you opt for our budget-friendly Tier 1 nozzles or go for the more powerful Tier 3 ultra-high efficiency models, KEG always gets the job done fast. Still, each Tier comes with its own specifications and purpose-built applications.

When it comes to appropriate KEG Tier classification, it must be understood that a nozzle’s Tier efficiency percentage is related to the amount of flow coming from the hose. Meaning, the more efficient a nozzle is, the more it can take energy and put it to work.

Tier 1 Nozzles – Lower efficiency, short lifespan – 30% (70% of energy is lost to turbulence)

Tier 1 nozzles do not have any machining on the inside to redirect the flow of water. They come with orifices drilled out in different locations, sizes, and angles, which can mean inefficient flow dynamics and low-powered performance.

These nozzles are relatively inexpensive and don’t last as long. Over time, the drilled jet holes wear out and the nozzle becomes ineffective.

Tier 1 Nozzles:

  • Standard Nozzle
  • Ball Nozzle

Tier 2 Nozzles – Better efficiency, longer lifespan – 55-60% (nearly have of all energy is lost to turbulence)

Tier 2 Nozzles do not have any machining on the inside to redirect the flow of water. While these nozzles tend to be more expensive, they offer better flow dynamics than Tier 1 Nozzles. They also have replaceable inserts that straighten the jet streams as they exit the nozzle. Plus, when the jet orifices wear out, these nozzles can be restored to their full operating capacity by replacing the inserts.

Tier 2 Nozzles:

  • Egg Nozzle
  • Sewer Flush Nozzle

Tier 3 Nozzles – Most efficient and powerful, longest lifespan – (starts at 80%, with five nozzles in the KEG lineup hitting 97%)

Tier 3 nozzles are designed to maximize the efficiency of water flow. Flow dynamics are designed to significantly increase the water pressure exiting the jets. Under certain conditions, these nozzles can increase cleaning efficiency while requiring a considerably less amount of effort from the operator. Their only downside is they can be very costly. However, the cost is usually offset by increased efficiency.

For any manufacturer that offers Tier 3 Nozzles, they must meet the minimum requirement of 80%. While many Nozzle companies can accomplish this feat, KEG exceeds it with most of their nozzles falling in or around 85%.

Tier 3 Nozzles:

  • Royal Nozzle – 97% efficiency
  • Torpedo Nozzle – 97% efficiency
  • Sewer Nozzle
  • Cleaning Nozzle
  • Traction Nozzle
  • Equalizer – 97% efficiency.
  • OMG – 97% efficiency.
  • Clean Sight Camera – 97% efficiency

Because Tier 3 Nozzles are more efficient, you can run with lower flow, saving time, and saving water. It lowers your water usage and lowers the wear and tear on the truck. This is because the truck doesn’t have to run at a higher RPM to get what you want out of the nozzle. Therefore, saving you fuel consumption, noise pollution, and water.

Warranty Information

KEG Technologies offers a limited-time warranty on tools and items manufactured by KEG. This warranty typically applies to manufacturer defects. Limited warranties exist on all bodies, inserts, and components.

Standard Warranties: 

  • 5-year guarantee on titanium ceramic inserts.
  • 3-year guarantee on all tool bodies with replaceable titanium ceramic inserts.
  • 180-day guarantee on re-manufactured tools
  • 90-day guarantee on new replacement warranty items.
  • And more!

Owen Equipment Nozzles

At Owen Equipment, we offer a wide range of premium Tier 1, 2, and 3 nozzles that serve a variety of sewer-cleaning functions. All our nozzles come backed by a first-rate parts department that’s determined to make sure you only visit us when you have to.

Give us a call to learn more about KEG’s line of high-powered nozzles today.