RC Mowers manufactures Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers to solve complex challenges for private businesses and municipalities to profit and grow. In line with this mission, they’ve recently upgraded their robotic mowers to offer improved first-pass yield and a more durable design. This, combined with RC Mowers’ unmatched customer support, provides industry professionals with the foundation to tackle complex tasks safely and efficiently.

The All-New R-Series

The All-New R-Series is purpose-built for steep slopes and is capable of tackling angles of up to 50 degrees without a winch. Designed for extreme terrain, these mowers are engineered to deliver top-notch performance in extreme conditions, along with specialized landscapes like roadsides, containment berms, ditches, and more.

R-Series Highlights

The R-Series comes with upgraded features that are designed to take your business upward. These newly upgraded features include:

  • Improved first-pass yield over 100%.
  • A narrower design to ensure all modes fit on standard landscaping trailers.
  • Upgraded camera systems with improved clarity, visibility, and safety.
  • A soft start clutch system to reduce the impact load on engines, belts, and spindles during start-up.
  • Cast iron spindle with 30% stronger bearings.

The improvements in RC Mower’s upgraded lineup are a testament to their team of experts who bring over 50 years of collective experience drawn from impressive backgrounds like the military, aerospace, heavy equipment, and industrial manufacturing.

Safety Features

RC Mowers prioritizes operator safety above all else, which is why their Robotic Mowers are designed to offer a variety of well-tested safety features that meet all OSHA and ANSI regulations.

These safety features include:

  • Commercial grade & water-resistant
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery
  • 1-hour charge & up to 20 hours of run time
  • 1,000-foot signal range
  • Emergency shutdown button
  • And more!

Redefining the Business

RC Mowers is devoted to the success of both their customers’ and dealers’ businesses. As they’re all about dismantling the “buy-and-goodbye” ways of the industry. Through their line of improved robotic mowers, they aim to reduce labor headaches, increase profit, and keep your team safe.

With the R-Series, you’ll be able to do the work of 5 or 6 guys, in an hour or less! For example, if you were to hire seven guys with weed whackers, there’s a cost involved with that, like the cost of equipment malfunctions, worksite injuries, and many other hidden costs. RC Mower saves your workday by capturing the work output of a whole crew and distilling it into one, single remote-operated robotic mower.

Plus, with the R-Series serving multiple industries, like excavation, vegetation management, and other land-clearing tasks, you’ll find these machines were purpose-built to tackle tasks that fill in those niche revenue gaps for you and/or your organizations.

The Success System

RC Mowers’ Success System is a set of policies that serve as the groundwork for all the company’s actions and attitudes. This includes RC Mowers’ 30-Day Buy-Back Guarantee, their 72-Hour Parts Shipping Promise, and finally their Made in the USA excellence.

This success system often takes the form of pre-delivery planning and implementation guidance, which also includes:

  • On-Site Training and Certification
  • Data Analysis and Sharing
  • Ready-made tools for Team Communication
  • Work-Site/Vehicle Signage Recommendations
  • And more.

Your RC Mower Dealer

RC Mowers stands as a leading manufacturer of autonomous and remote-controlled robotic mowers. Engineered by experts in aviation safety and robotics specialization, every RC Mower is carefully designed to offer operators a smart, secure, and profitable solution for maintaining steep slopes and rugged terrains.

If you’re looking for more information on RC Mowers’ newly upgraded R-Series line, give us a call and an Owen Equipment expert will happily set you on the right path.