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Latest News and Product Information

What You Can Expect from an Owen Equipment Demo

“Working with Owen Equipment provides you with a partner to lock arms with to tackle your biggest challenges.” – Si Norris  At Owen Equipment, we offer on-site personalized equipment demonstrations that show our products performing in real-word situations. These demos cater to contractors, municipalities, business

Helix: Your Prescription for Healthy Sewers

Helix Environmental Solutions provides healthy sewer functions that promote healthy communities and environments. Their eco-friendly products are manufactured to prevent sanitary sewer overflows while protecting municipal infrastructure. DeFOG, Helix’s grease cleaning solution, offers a non-hazardous chemical solution for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, improving worker

What’s New with the R-Series

Owen Equipment is excited to announce RC Mower’s latest innovation: the all-new R-Series. These remote-controlled robotic mowers are purpose-built to improve safety, boost efficiency, and tap into out-of-reach revenue opportunities. “Landscaping contractors, public works departments, park systems, and road departments can mow hazardous terrain safely

Winterization Tips for Winter-Ready Equipment

Winterization is a key approach to save you time, prevent costly repairs, and keep your operators safe in unpredictable winter conditions. What is Winterization? Winterization is a process of protecting your equipment from harsh weather conditions that jeopardize its functionality, efficiency, and safety. Why Winterize?

Navigating Noise Hazards with Sonetics

According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), over half (53%) of workers on high-noise worksites DO NOT use hearing protection. What is a Noise Hazard? According to the WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board), a noise hazard is any sound that’s

Maintaining and Restoring Porous Pavement

Porous surfaces have been growing at a double-digit rate in the last several years as a Best Management Practice (BMP) to deal with stormwater runoff. These surfaces have proven their efficacy in diminishing both the volume of water and the contaminants that contribute to the

5 Tips to Ensure Safe Sewer Cleaning

High-pressured equipment can be dangerous unless operators are well trained and fully understand the potential consequences of minor/major worksite oversights. Understanding efficient safe sewer cleaning can go a long way in ensuring operators are safe and city sewers are clean. Tip #1: Set the Scene

Kent WA & PDX Open House Recap

On August 18th in Kent, WA and August 20th in Portland, OR we hosted our annual Open House events to honor YOU, our valued customers, and showcase our extraordinary equipment! Among the top-notch equipment shown were the NEW R-Series RC Mower, Bandit Woodchippers & Stump

Rent or Buy

Rent or Buy: What’s Best For Your Business?

The decision to rent or to buy equipment will make a huge difference in construction operations, project management, and the budget. The choice may vary from one company to the next. But the factors that mainly drive the cost vs. benefit analysis are: Your project