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Sweep your best through the year

with help from Owen Equipment.

Owen Equipment has been in the broom business since 1958. As Ben-Ko-Matic, we built and distributed brooms and solidified our expertise in everything brooms. As the company evolved into Owen Equipment our knowledge of Brooms has continued to grow. We take pride in our quality line of products but we also know there’s more to getting a job done than the equipment. We will be sharing our knowledge of brooms with you to help you be faster, more efficient and cost effective.

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Gutter Brooms sweep debris inward so the Tube Broom and / or pick-up head can pick up debris easier. Gutter brooms should be replaced when the bristles are down to about 6 inches. They are available in medium or heavy weights with Oil Tempered or Blue Steel bristles to meet user preference.

Tube Brooms use a flicking action to sweep debris into the body of the sweeper. They should be replaced when the bristles are about 7 inches. They are easily replaced with Strips or Wafers by swapping it with an appropriate mandrel.

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Strip Brooms are a convenient alternative to Tube Brooms. Strips are broom segments that slide into the mandrel making replacement easy for a single person. they take up less space, take less time to install, could outperform your cumbersome tube brooms, and are 100% recyclable.

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Wafers are another convenient alternative to Tube Brooms. They come in circular sections (instead of strips) that slide onto the mandrel. Our convoluted wafers don’t even require spacers!

Sweeping tips from the expert.

Corporate Service Support Manager Greg Read offers tips that will maximize sweep efficiency and regular maintenance. Click here to see our entire “Flick” playlist.

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