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Sewer maintenance

Helix: Your Prescription for Healthy Sewers

Helix Environmental Solutions provides healthy sewer functions that promote healthy communities and environments. Their eco-friendly products are manufactured to prevent sanitary sewer overflows while protecting municipal infrastructure. DeFOG, Helix’s grease cleaning solution, offers a non-hazardous chemical solution for restoring sewer flow, preventing backups, improving worker

Understanding Nozzles

Understanding Nozzles

Understanding nozzles and how they work is a key step to cleaning a line successfully and efficiently. Knowing the proper use of each nozzle ensures that you always select the right one for the job. First, it’s important to note that it may take up to 10

CUES Spider Manhole Scanner

CUES: Revolutionary Portable Manhole Scanning Technology

CUES, a leading manufacturer of CCTV pipeline inspection equipment, has introduced an innovative new wireless manhole scanning technology: the SPiDER 3D manhole scanner. The SPiDER scanner is the only truly wireless, color manhole inspection technology in such a lightweight and compact form, says Pierre Mikhail,

Utility Accident

By Samantha Schmidt January 18, 2017 When a utility worker in Key Largo, Fla., noticed that a section of a paved street was not settling properly, he decided to remove a manhole cover and descend into the earth. Moments later on Monday morning, the 15-foot-deep hole went silent. Sensing the man was