The focus was on a compact unit that could serve a broad range of applications when TRUVAC began engineering the TRXX hydro excavation trailer.

“We identified a need to expand our excavation offering to a compact trailer design best suited to municipal, commercial and residential tasks,” says TRUVAC Product Manager Cory Schueller. “The TRXX trailer delivers productivity and versatility across this broad range of applications while providing effective damage prevention and protecting buried infrastructure during excavation activities.”

Buyers can choose the TRUVAC TRXX 500 or 800, with the difference primarily being the debris capacity. The TRXX 500 features a 500-gallon debris tank and a 200-gallon water capacity, while the TRXX 800 can hold 800 gallons of debris and 400 gallons of water. Each model has a Kubota diesel engine powering up to 64 hp and an air blower producing 600-1,000 cfm. A 5 gpm pump is also mounted on the trailer and capable of pressures up to 3,000 psi, with a vacuum rated for 15 inches Hg.

The team at TRUVAC arrived at the final build thanks in part to the input from professionals in the field. “We listened to our customers and gathered voice-of-the-customer feedback through interviews and field trials with those who regularly operate competitive equipment,” Schueller says. “We visited multiple utility contractors, telecommunication companies and utility companies to construct the value propositions of this new trailer.”

Easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

After the research was done and it was time to build, Schueller says they kept three main things in mind. It had to be easy to learn, easy to operate and easy to maintain. “The bilingual control panel design is clearly labeled with three operation buttons,” he says. “All functions can be controlled from a handheld wireless remote featuring an auto ‘Dig and Unclog’ button.”

Users will also find an engine shroud that provides easy access to all maintenance items to streamline repairs and perform routine maintenance. The trailers measure 243 to 269 inches in length depending on model, 98 inches wide and stand 103 inches tall.

TRUVAC is encouraged by the immediate reaction to the TRXX. “The best and most immediate feedback we received was selling the unit off the tradeshow floor at the WWETT Show earlier this year when we launched,” Schueller says. “The comments we hear most are that we really considered all the issues of the end user.”


Interested in a demo?

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This article was originally written by Tim Dobbins and published as a Municipal Sewer & Water editorial.