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Maintenance Matters: Sewer Cleaners, Street Sweepers and Robotic Mowers

As with most things, keeping an eye on your equipment ensures you solve the small problems before they become too big to handle.

Equipment maintenance holds significant importance for several reasons, and in this blog post, we’ll provide you with a maintenance check for equipment that serves three distinct sectors of the municipal maintenance industry: Sewage, Streets and Lawncare.

Keep reading to ensure high performance, safe operation and increased profits for your company.

Sewer Cleaners:

Sewer cleaners are designed to clean and maintain sewage systems, storm drains and other underground piping systems. Our line of Vactor Sewer Cleaners ensures sewer systems prevent sewer blockages and backups.

As your operators complete their workday, it’s crucial an end-of-day maintenance check list soon follows. While the sewers are clean, the sewer cleaners are not (yet).

End of Day Sewer Cleaner Maintenance Checklist:
  • Inspect jetting system.
  • Wash out debris body after dumping debris body.
  • Wash out boom for debris.
  • Drain micro-strainer and inspect for debris and water.
  • Wash out pump of system.
  • Check vehicle components.
    • Inspect tires for wear and proper inflation.
  • Inspect control panel.
    • Test all control buttons, switches and levers to ensure proper functionality.

Your sewer cleaners maintain healthy sewage systems, return the favor with a daily maintenance checklist.

Street Sweepers:

Street sweepers maintain roads, streets and other paved surfaces. Elgin’s Street Sweepers are best known for removing debris, litter, leaves and other waste materials from the road surface, keeping the streets clean and well-maintained.

After a long day of street sweeping, what should follow is street sweeper maintenance to keep your sweeper running smoothly the next day, and the weeks and months to come.

End of Day Street Sweeper Maintenance Checklist:
  • Check and grease linkages regularly to save time and hassle in the long run.
  • Keep pickup curtains clean:
    • Look for rips, tears, holes or any problems that might require replacement.
  • Clean the hopper.
  • Check fluid levels.
  • Clean and wash the sweeper.
    • Clean the exterior of the street sweeper to remove dirt and debris.
  • Inspect operator controls.
    • Test the functionality of the sweeping and vacuum systems.

Neglecting this routine upkeep will only lead to a decline in the sweeper’s efficiency over time. Therefore, make it a priority to maintain the sweeper regularly to ensure optimal performance.

Robotic Mowers

A robotic mower, also known as an autonomous or remote-controlled mower, is a piece of equipment that’s designed to mow grass without manual human intervention. When it comes to a high-standard lawn care performance tool, our line of RC Mowers saves operators time and effort, while providing consistent lawn care performance.

Once the lawn is mowed, make sure you’re keeping that mower nice and tidy. Given that lawn care heavily relies on a well-kept mower, neglecting its upkeep is not an option.

End of Day Robotic Mower Checklist:
  • Clean machine and mower deck.
  • Clean drive belt assemblies.
  • Clean track undercarriage.
  • Clean debris build up on engine and transmission.
  • Every 50 hours:
    • Check blades.
    • Lubricate/grease.
    • Safety checks.
    • Check track tension.
    • Check tire pressure.
End of Day

While these maintenance checklists offer a broad overview, there’s always more information provided in your equipment’s manual, which should be read and checked regularly to ensure you’re maintaining safety protocols and getting the best out of your chosen piece of equipment.

Keeping a regular daily maintenance schedule for your Sewer Cleaner, Street Sweeper or Robotic Mower increases your operator’s productivity, saves money and keeps everyone safe while doing it.

For further information on safety precautions and optimizing the performance of your equipment, feel free to contact us today, our team will be glad to assist you in ensuring your equipment runs smoothly and safely.