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with our large selection of nozzles.

Owen Equipment carries the right tool for every job, and that doesn’t stop at our nozzles. We carry a wide selection of nozzles to help you eliminate blowing toilets, cut roots, remove debris and more, making sure that you have what you need to get the job done. You can purchase a nozzle, rent or see a demo to learn more from the experts.


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Learn more about our most popular nozzles.

KEG Equalizer Nozzle, Nozzles

The KEG Equalizer is one of KEG’s most unique nozzles, specially designed to virtually eliminate blowing toilets. Twelve forward jets at dual angles create an umbrella pattern blocking the airflow that creates problems blowing toilets. Six powerful rearward jets with KEG’s Fluid Mechanics provide the ultimate in propulsion, cleaning, and debris removal.

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The KEG Torpedo is mainly used for the removal of sand, silt, mud, and debris etc. from the floor of pipes and in applications when good traction capacity is needed. Two different jet angles ensure very good mud and sand transport, especially in pipe diameters from 150 – 400 mm.


The KEG Supernova 4000 is an extra robust cutter of the newest generation, with reinforced chains to efficiently handle deposits and incrustations of all kinds in pipes and sewers such as lime, concrete, extensive root growth and more. The optimum cutter for pumps of medium to high performance.

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The Warthog Magnum has a slower rotation compared to the traditional Warthog nozzle, which allows for longer dwell time and root/grease cutting action. This nozzle is a great option for cutting out roots prior to using a mechanical cutter.

What tier nozzle is right for you?

Nozzles are broken down into three tiers based on efficiency for moving water. Learn the difference from KEG’s Ken Billingham as he goes over the difference between Tiers 1, 2, and 3 nozzles.

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