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​OZ III ​Pan Tilt & Optical View Camera

OZ III produces the highest quality image to enhance the details of your CCTV inspection.

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Key Features

  • 10X optical zoom and 4X digital zoom; total 40:1 zoom capability enhances image details from faraway distances.
  • .4 MP; higher image resolution means sharper pictures with maximum detail.
  • 360 x 285 degree pan and rotate viewing capability; pan and tilt simultaneously while the transporter
  • Field-replaceable white LED lighting for 6”-72” lines with optional external light heads; internal lights are directional with the moving camera head for optimum illumination in various pipeline conditions.
  • Gamepad control of focus, iris, and shutter allows the operator to compensate for pipe conditions.
  • Pan, rotate, zoom, and focus homing feature; quick and easy to reorient to the current location.
  • Optical-grade sapphire camera window helps prevent image distortion.
  • Includes an internal diagnostic system.
  • Options: 512 Hz sonde for locating and inclinometer for inclination surveys.
  • Can be used in pipelines as small as 5” in diameter.