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​Steerable Pipe Ranger II

Traverse silt, mud and debris commonly found in storm and sanitary sewers.

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Key Features and Options

  • Single point removal of wheels; multiple wheel sets are available to maximize bottom clearance, traction, and optimum camera position.
  • Optional remote operated electronic camera lift or manual camera lift.
  • Operates with all CUES cameras: pan and-tilt and optical zoom.
  • Freewheel, powered reverse, forward variable speed control.
  • Operates with the CUES Digital Side Scanning Camera (DUC).
  • Designed to provide clearance in a 7” diameter pipe; can inspect 8” relined pipe.
  • Two-speed transmission doubles the torque and maximizes traction in larger diameter pipe or in difficult pipe conditions.
  • Rear tip-up bulkhead connector minimizes strain on the cable connection during the inspection and retrieval.
  • Wheels and spacers designed for the CUES Compact Steerable Pipe Ranger, LAMP II Lateral Launcher, and wheeled / tracked transporter can be used on the Steerable Pipe Ranger II without the need for modification.
  • The SPR II can be used with the wireless gamepad controller for all camera and transporter functions.
  • An aluminum version is available for those that require a lightweight transporter for their inspection needs.