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When application needs extend beyond street sweeping, the Elgin® Megawind® is a versatile platform able to excel in multiple jobs that cities or contractors encounter. The Elgin Megawind provides leaf and debris vacuuming, catch basin cleaning and street sweeping. This multi-purpose vacuum sweeper truck features a 12″ (3658 mm) vacuum hose with an industry-exclusive articulated power boom that includes a 180-degree hydraulic powered rotation, allowing greater hose positioning options; a high-performance vacuum sweeper system with choice of large-capacity, traditional tilt dumping debris bodies.

The Elgin Megawind is a versatile product that’s suited for general street sweeping, leaf removal and catch basin cleaning applications – specifically designed to be efficient in sucking up bulky debris such as leaves and sticks as well as construction debris such as rocks, bricks, and broken asphalt. Download Brochure

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Sweeper Type

Vacuum Sweeper


10 yd3 and 13 yd3 (7.5 m3 and 10 m3) hopper sizes

Auxiliary Engine

John Deere 4045T Tier 4 Final

Water Tank

335 gal

Travel Speed

Highway speeds