A flexible vac truck providing you maximum payload, performance and productivity in a smaller and more maneuverable package. TRUVAC FLXX is the safe-digging machine that is perfect for a wide range of applications that simply are not as suitable, or as profitable, for a full-size truck.

Maximize payload, performance and productivity in jobs requiring non-destructive digging. Utilizing either air or water, the FLXX drives profitability for every job.


Manufacturer: TRUVAC

Boom: 6” vacuum system\, 22’ boom reach\, 340º rotation

Chassis: Class 8

Debris Body: 50º tilting 10 yd

Vacuum System: Positive displacement hydrostaticdriven blower rated at 16” HG and 3200 CFM

Water System: 10 gpm at 3000 psi water pump with DigRight® technology


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