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Helix – deFOG

F.O.G. (fats, oils and grease) accumulation is notorious for constricting pipe flow and clogging lift stations. The powerful microbes in deFOG products excel at digesting F.O.G. They displace wild bacteria, creating a persistent slime layer capable of combatting F.O.G. in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner—a strategy known as bioaugmentation.

Typically, problem areas are shocked with a high dose of microbes to clear existing F.O.G., and then precise maintenance doses are administered by dispensers installed upstream. After initial implementation, FOG is monitored regularly and doses recalibrated to maximize the cost-effectiveness of the solution.

Delivery Options

JetBugs Water Additive: 6-gal pail, dispensed via proprietary dispenser

Seed Pipe Grease Control (liquid shock dose): 6-gal pail, dispensed via metering pump or manually

MinimizerLIQ: Pipe Grease Control (liquid maintenance dose): 6-gal pail, dispensed via metering pump

Grease Blocks: Pipe Grease Control (solid): 2-lb block (in case of 6) dispensed manually for time release

Grease Blocks: Lift Station Grease Control (solid): 8-lb block (in case of 4) dispensed manually for time release

HL-5000: Lift Station Grease Control (liquid): 6-gal pail or 55-gal drum, dispensed via metering pump with misting system

Porc N Bags: Lift Station Grease Control (powder): 30-lb pail, dispensed manually

Expandable Concentrated Grease Control: misted microbial degreaser



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