Hybrid Broom Bear

The plug-in hybrid electric Broom Bear is another example of Elgin Sweeper’s ongoing commitment to help municipal customers reduce their carbon footprint, improve air quality, and mitigate climate change.

“Street sweepers have always been essential tools for improving water and air quality, and Elgin Sweeper has been committed to working with cities and municipalities across North America to make a positive impact on public health and the environment, while also offering competitive value to taxpayers,” said Mike Higgins, Vice President and General Manager of Elgin Sweeper. “We are pleased to team up with forward-thinking municipalities to help them accomplish their mission of sustainability by advancing the type of innovative sweeping technology found in the hybrid Broom Bear sweeper.”


Manufacturer: Elgin

Hopper: 4.5 yd³

Sweeper Type: Plug-in Hybrid Electric\, Mechanical sweeper

Water Tank: 350 gal


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