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KEG Cleaning Nozzle

KEG’s Cleaning Nozzle is a high-efficiency everyday workhorse nozzle suitable for all around cleaning of 4” to 16” lines. Utilizing 8 threaded inserts with angles of 15° and 25°, the Cleaning nozzle will give the operator efficiency above 80%.

The Cleaning Nozzle also is available in a wide angle version. This nozzle has all the advantages of the 15°/25°, but with wider 25° and 40° degree jet pattern, it gives it the capability of cleaning pipes up to 40”. The best application for this nozzle is shallow lines that have blow back and heavy grease.

KEG’s Cleaning Nozzle is also available in 3/8” and 1/2” configurations, giving the small jetter operator the advantage of fluid mechanics not normally available in other smaller nozzles. Download Brochure