KEG Quattro Nozzle with Drill Point

The Drill Point Quattro Nozzle is a terrific tool for removing total line blockages. The stainless steel drill tip penetrates the toughest clogs, particularly grease blockages. The three jets pre- drilled in the change-able tip then enlarge the opening in the clog, working with the sharp, tapered edges of the Drill Point Quattro.

The loosened debris is then washed down the line by the propulsion jets at the back of the Drill Point Quattro that provide excellent thrust. For low maintenance, high performance penetrating nozzle, the Drill Point Quattro is hard to beat. The Drill Point Quattro is classified as a Tier One or Tier Two Nozzle depending on the size and the availability of replaceable inserts. Inserts are available in steel or titanium ceramic.


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