WaveCel T2+ PRO

Full Brim Safety Helmet, Type II, Non-Vented, Class G-C-E, with Accessory Rails & Chinstraps.

Available colors: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, Safety Orange, Safety Yellow, Gray, Royal Blue

WaveCel behaves like a network of hundreds of interconnected shock absorbers connecting your head and the outer shell of the helmet. It distributes the impact energy through its network of cells. It absorbs impact forces like the crumple zone of a car. It diverts rotational forces by flexing and gliding. All helmets come with detachable chinstraps and include accessory rails as well as standard earmuff slots. The T2+ PRO is non-vented and meets or exceeds ANSI Z89.1, Type II and is rated Class E. The T2+ MAX helmet has top and rear vents and meets or exceeds ANSI Z89.1, Type 2, and EN 12492 requirements and is rated Class C.


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