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TRUVAC Products

When it comes to quality, engineering, innovation, and reliable service, no other vacuum excavators can match TRUVAC. View their impressive line of machines below, and schedule your rental today.

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This series of full-sized colossuses was developed from the ground up–literally. The HXX® is the result of years of research, testing and customer input. With the HXX, no job is too big or too tough for you to tackle.

Hydro Excavator Rentals, Prodigy, TRUVAC Products, truck in parking lot

TRUVAC Prodigy

TRUVAC has paired incredible versatility within a compact yet powerful package. Prodigy® is the perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of demanding applications. With lower operating costs than larger machines, but delivering overwhelming productivity.

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TRUVAC Paradigm

The Paradigm® is the most innovative and versatile sub-compact vacuum excavator on the market. Excavate around utilities with the utmost degree of certainty, safety and efficiency. Tough, powerful and ultra-productive.